Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions apply to all customers, travelers and persons who use the passenger transport service of D&D Services.

  1. The general terms and conditions apply to the passenger transport that D&D offers services to its customers.

  2. Requests for the transport of persons to the airport, train station or another location are made exclusively by e-mail or via the website. Only with our consent can a request be made by telephone. However, we are not responsible for misunderstandings for the latter.

  3. When making a reservation, the customer must provide all information relating to the requested transport. This includes the correct name, address, mobile or telephone number, number of persons, destination, dates and times of transport. For airport or station transport, this also includes the flight or train number of the arrival journey.

  4. Toll charges are always payable by the customer unless stated otherwise on the quote.

  5. In the event of incorrect or missing communication of the data stated in Article 3, D&D Services cannot be held responsible for the non-execution of the transport.

  6. D&D Services is in no way responsible for flight delays, incorrect bookings or information and any additional costs charged as a result.

  7. Invoices are payable 14 days after receipt. In the event of non-payment, a reminder and/or reminder will follow. The following fixed fees are charged for this:

    The first reminder is free of charge, the second reminder is €10. With a third reminder, € 25.00 will be added and with a fourth reminder, € 50.00 will be added. The fourth reminder is followed by a registered letter. Costs associated with this are also passed on.

    The receipt of the invoice applies by operation of law and according to art. 1139 of the Civil Code as a notice of default without any deed being required and only by the expiry of the term. In the event of non-payment on the due date, the debtor is bound by application of art.1147 of the Civil Code to pay compensation for non-payment, conventionally and irreducibly set at 12%, with a minimum of 25 EURO. A default interest of 12% per year will also be due, also by operation of law and without notice of default. All further collection costs are at the buyer's expense.

    In the event of non-payment of invoices 14 days after the due date, we reserve the right to suspend the service until all outstanding and overdue invoices have been settled, subject to all rights and without any adverse acknowledgment.

  8. Complaints or objections must be submitted in writing and by registered mail within 8 days of receipt of the invoice in order to be admissible.

  9. If a transfer or incentive is booked by a travel agency or company for third parties, the former are also responsible for the costs if these cannot or do not want to be borne by these third parties.

  10. D&D Services emphasizes its professional attitude to do everything possible to bring people to their destination on time. However, D&D Services will under no circumstances assume any liability for the non-timely delivery of goods or persons at the designated time at the place of destination, regardless of the type of damage that may have been caused. Our liability will in all cases be limited to the maximum amount of the transfer regardless of the extent of the directly identifiable damage. Indirect damage is not eligible for compensation.

  11. D&D Services can under no circumstances be held liable for any damage due to force majeure (e.g. traffic jams, strikes, weather conditions, roadworks, traffic…)

  12. D&D Services reserves the right to adjust the rates unilaterally and without prior notice. However, this does not apply to individual transfers that have already been booked and confirmed by D&D Services.

  13. Deviations from these terms and conditions are only enforceable against us if they have been confirmed by us in writing and by registered mail.

  14. Using the “BOOK NOW” function means making a reservation. This reservation will be confirmed by us stating the rate. After this, the booking is final for us.

    The reservation form is not used to request quotes. This is stated on the page where you can book and again on the copy of the request that you receive when booking.

    If our driver reports to the person who made the booking on the date and time stated in the confirmation of the booking and it turns out that the person who booked the transfers only wanted to request a quote, the ride will be charged in full. Any return transfer included in the booking will not be charged.

  15. Belgian law applies to this agreement. Only the courts of the judicial district of Hasselt are competent to take cognizance of possible disputes.